「 / 」 solidus

2021 Duration:23 - 26min

A project by dancer / choreographer Ayano Yokoyama and music producer 34423, exploring various relationships between sound and the movement of the body. " / " (Pronunciation: Solidus) is an attempt to recognize individual existence without categorization. Sound is vibration and waves, and waves are also boundaries. We started from the shared concept of expressing the ambiguity, fluctuation, strength, and weakness of the boundaries between all things. In this endeavor, the dancer's movement actively collides with sound as a form of noise cancellation, rather than being synchronized with it. Active noise canceling involves overlaying antiphase sounds to neutralize the sound. However, in reality, the sound doesn't disappear; it persists but in an inaudible state.The 'movement' aiming for a similar effect may become a wall and a boundary without being eroded by sound. In this project, the dancer breaks the boundaries between the visible and the invisible through choreography, engaging the audience's personal imagination and senses. This approach highlights the present moment and individuality.

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In this endeavor, the dancer's 'movement' actively collides with sound, serving as a form of noise cancellation. Active noise canceling involves overlaying out-of-phase sounds to neutralize the sound. However, in reality, the sound doesn't disappear; it persists but in an inaudible state. The 'movement' aiming for a similar effect may form a barrier, remaining unaltered by sound. In this project, the dancer transcends the boundaries between the visible and the invisible through choreography, engaging the audience's imagination and senses, emphasizing the present moment and individuality.

- Sound -

We live separated by a single wall. Countless rooms and houses exist as individual territories. While sharing the same time, different moments flow in each room. The flickering of lights in each room contributes to the overall landscape of the city. Within this, there are moments when individual sounds and scents blend together. Waves, a recurring phenomenon within the timeline, involve individual sounds invading their respective territories. Borders are expressed by the degree of noise from the outside perspective.

We are alive, and even as we react to those moments, we continue to live without the ability to completely isolate anything other than ourselves.

Nevertheless, existing without overlap, in parallel.

Contemplating living as individuals and as humans, unbound by categories.


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Dates and Location

Sep, 11 - 20, 2021 Komaba Agora Theater (Tokyo, Japan)

April, 2, 2022 Institut francais Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

december, 13, 2023 YPAM Exchange, Gender Equality Center Yokohama-South (Kanagawa, Japan)

April, 21 - 22, 2024 Want to dance festival, 台北糖廍文化園區, 新富町文化市場U-mkt Lobby (Taipei, Taiwan)


ダンスマガジン2021年12月号 執筆|岡見さえ ▽




Choreographed and Directed by Ayano Yokoyama
Live Music and performed by 34423
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), The Saison Foundation



Choreographer / Dancer / Director the dance company lal banshees
Based in Tokyo, Japan. Ayano explores an original movement that focuses on sensation. Through choreography unbound by gender constraints and intricately connected to sound, she excavates sensations. Additionally, she creates moments through dance that can only exist in the spontaneous overflow, without intention. Breaking the boundaries between the visible and the invisible, she approaches the present moment with movement. She utilizes personal imagination and sensation to highlight this current moment. In recent years, she has created "Suiyoubaion," which utilizes discarded PET bottles as a form of scenography and was invited to Aerowaves, Spring Forward 2022. She has received awards such as the YOKOHAMA DANCE COLLECTION 2020 Competition Jury Prize, etc. THE SAISON FOUNDATION Saison Fellow I.
▲CV 2024

34423|Fumi MIYOSHI

Born in Ehime Prefecture and currently resides in Tokyo. She also writes and arranges music for movies, advertisements, sound logos, etc. She is a music producer and the president of the music label HEXODD and the product brand HED. She was exposed to recording equipment and musical instruments from an early age, and began creating his own unique sounds using various gimmicks. She likes hard beats, and with her curiosity and free ideas, she creates collages of sound materials, and her track-making transcends genres. She has been making tracks that transcend genres. In August 2021, She released her 3rd album "Logos UI" featuring Mizuki Ohira and ermhoi from Forgot Imprint in the US. The EP "NEIGHBORHOOD LIGHT" was released in January 2023, starting with a SHOW CASE at SUPER DOMMUNE, and was developed in collaboration with the product brand HED, which is based on the concept of expanding musical images and ideas, like a fashion show until the EP release. The creative activities that expand the possibilities of sound have also attracted attention. The year 2023 will mark the 10th anniversary of her debut, and both his music label and brand are preparing new works